The 5 Best Expat Neighborhoods In Medellin

In reality, there are more than 5 neighborhoods to retire in Medellin, but these 5 are very popular among ex-pats.

  1. El Poblado
  2. Laureles
  3. Envigado
  4. Sabaneta
  5. El Retiro

This five are in reality not neighborhoods but zones that have neighborhoods within, but nonetheless are the areas to be in.

El Poblado 
retire overseasThis what commonly known as the rich neighborhood in Medellin, or estrato 6. Here, where the wealthy or a majority of the wealth is concentrated in Medellin, old and new money live here, this zone of Medellin is where the tourist district is also located, all the hip restaurants, hotels, and trendy stores are located.

El Poblado has it all, schools, malls, restaurants, commerce, and good transportation (but not by car, if you drive you will be stuck in traffic) El Poblado in the lower part by the money belt is very walkable, with a bicycle path along with the Avenida las vegas in the Poblado part, is beautiful, i will be posting some pictures of the zone for you to admire this place.

El Poblado has 3 high-end malls, El Tesoro in the upper part of El Poblado, is not too easy to get there by transit transportation but taxis are economic. Oviedo is one of the oldest malls in the country and right across the street from it, you can also find Santa Fe.

It also has a very popular party zone called El Parque Lleras, all i have to say about it is that don’t go there.

If you want to get more information about el Poblado let me know. Also this site is all about poblado

retiring overseas from usaI always tough that Laures was just that area surrounding La UPB, but that is not the case. Laureles is in fact huge! I learned that because of our real estate site (for local customers) about apartments in Laureles for sale. When I started putting together the information for that site I was like wow, Laureles is really big wow. There is a little neighborhood within Laureles called Laureles and that is funny.

Laureles has the luck of being 100% in the flat part of Medellin, the one disadvantage that has is that the views are not the same..simple, other than that…you don’t need a car, you can walk or ride a bike everywhere, is very simple to do in this part of the city.

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