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How much does it cost to retire abroad in Medellin?

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Well, I keep saying the same thing in a thousand different ways. Medellin is a very economical city, and if you want to live more economically, you can leave the city in between 40 minutes and an hour. You will find an extraordinary and very economical country life, some information, for example, you can rent a country house with between 1 million and 1.5 million pesos, that’s…330 dollars, for rent! Plus food, you can do the fruit and vegetable shopping with another 50 dollars for the month possibly, we are going to make a good video of this in a couple of places, we are going to film everywhere and make a video of all the prices we find So we are going to give ourselves what is needed to live in Colombia—a long and explained market list. Let’s go for that.

Retiring in Medellin is economical

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We will be able to realize that living in Medellin has very cheap costs. Depending on what you want or can do, you can rent or buy a property that will surely make you very happy. That is one of the most critical parts that we want you to learn on our retirement tour in Medellin so that you realize how cheap it can be and is to live in Medellin and even more so if you are going to live on the outskirts of the city. In a country space, green and more natural.

In Medellin, you will realize that life is very cheap. For example, insurance, fuel (well, this is going up a lot), the price of a basket of eggs, the cost of vegetables, chicken, milk, cheese, the prices of doing the market in Colombia and especially in Medellin It is very economical, separate your preparation tour for your retirement in Medellin.

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