Best place to retire :Medellin

Medellín is the best place to retire

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Colombia is now one of the best places to live when you retire, Medellin it’s the best city in Colombia (yes, i am biased, so what? 😝  ) to retire…ok, I am biased about it, that is because we live in Medellin and we know this place upside down inside out., Simple!

There are a few factors that influence it.

  1. the cost of living is super low
  2. it’s very close to the states and Canada
  3. the health services are top to none
  4. Insurance cost is low
  5. Food is delicious (some people say not, but you can never please everyone)
  6. many new fruits to try.

I am not even touching the women aspect of Medellin because that is sexiest, also I don’t talk about drugs or hookers, not our thing, same with the unmentionable.

one of the best places to live when you retire

There are so many reasons why you should retire here, I think one of the most important reasons is the cost of living, the weather, and the health system, those 3 are top in the list of retirees moving abroad.




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