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Easy retirement was born from our mother company (Edifico), and the history goes like this. We have a real estate company, and because I am Canadian and speak English, I began helping many retirees, my ex-wife introduced me to selling real estate, and I fell in love with it. So I started taking care of local clients, and when American or Canadian clients came to my ex-wife’s real estate development company, they called me to take care of them.

better retirementI arrived in Colombia in 2006 to set up a different company from what I am currently doing. (more on that later)

My name is Thomas Rueda. I am one of the founding partners of Easy Retirement. I am a Canadian from papas paisas. I have been fortunate to live in Colombia and Canada all my life, always with one foot here and one in my native country. That’s why I understand better the kind of service my Canadian and American friends want, need, and deserve. The best service.

After meeting and speaking with many clients, especially Canadians, and Americans, I realized why they were looking for different life options. And that was when easy retirement began to be slowly structured. However, it was not born overnight, and it took some time to settle to go to market.

Whenever I was with a North American client, I would ask them, why do you want to retire outside your country? That was always my first question. And I realized they all answered us the same: the weather, living costs, and health. And after many outings and many cafes with clients, we began to shape easy retirement.

Unfortunately or fortunately, the pandemic caused us to delay its launch. Still, as they say colloquially – no harm does not happen for good – In this time of preparation, George and I began with ideas that we shared with friends, clients, and relatives to give this much better shape.

We design a tour so that you, as the tour taker, realize how magnificent your life can be with just your monthly social security check.

It is off our agenda to sell you real estate. First, try it out and find out if Medellin is the city you want to retire. What’s more, we recommend that you return several times after taking our tour (if possible, we can help you with your subsequent stays)

When you contact us, we will answer you in Colombia, our head office is in Miami, but our operation is in Medellin.

cheaper retirementJorge Muñoz, my great friend, is one of my main partners in Easy Retirement. Jorge has a long history in the hospitality  sector with hotels and restaurants. In addition, Jorge has had the fortune of being the sales manager of a chain of tours company outside of Colombia ,in Chile, and the United States. besides of being my great friend, he has always been my confidante.

Jorge takes care of the local negotiating with the restaurants and hotels. Anywhere we will be serving you, he ensures that everything is organized and according to our tour plans.

best retirement overseasVladimir de los Ríos is our general manager. Vladimir is not in our day-to-day life, but he is an integral part of the organization, how we have organized ourselves and how we present ourselves to our clients, collaborators, and suppliers. He is in charge of the big deals and the one that gives us where to aim with our service.

We also have a group of tertiary collaborators who are always accompanying us. Our suppliers are an essential part of our group since they are also the face of our service. People like our lawyers, insurers, accountants, and guides are of great importance so that this operation does not have any problem and that you, our dear clients, want to come and live in Medellin for your retirement.

During our tour, you will have the possibility to sit and talk with other retirees who are living in Medellin. You will be able to meet the locals and go to the places where the locals go, no familiar tourist places. We will go where the locals go and where locals enjoy an afternoon of drinking coffee and enjoying the delicacies of this beautiful city.

We know and understand that this city is only for some, so we invite you to come and take this fantastic tour and then take the corresponding option. Be sure to visit our page and ask all the questions you have. Also, visit our Facebook and Instagram pages and YouTube for more information.

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If you have any questions, no matter how silly you think they are valid, do not hesitate to write to us or send us a message on WhatsApp to get in touch with you.

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