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Banking in Colombia

We cannot open bank accounts as of this moment during your Retirement tour to Medellin. This is because the banks in Colombia are challenging to open bank accounts without the required paperwork.

Opening a bank account in Colombia

Opening a bank account during your tour

The topic of banking will be covered during your retirement tour in Medellin.

You will learn all you need to open a bank account in Colombia. In our tour, we partnered with an excellent traditional bank institution in Colombia to offer our clients the best and less challenging way to open a bank account to do transfers from their country of origin.

Our partnership with Coltefinanciera ensures precisely that. We make sure you have all the services needed in just one place.

banking in coloimbiaAs a visitor, you can quickly get by using your credit or debit cards from your home country. Visa and Mastercard are accepted all over the world. We recommend that you call your credit card provider and tell them you will be overseas.

Banking in Colombia

Unlike the United States and Canada, Colombia has only ten major banks. However, one thing that must be said about the Colombian banking system is that it is very solid. Someone once explained to me that this is due to many reasons, and the main one is that the Colombian banking system does not lend money as quickly as other countries do. So this makes the Colombian banking system solid, very solid.

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