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Buying a vehicle in Medellin

You can buy a vehicle in Medellin with only your passport. So it’s straightforward. We recommend you go to a traditional car dealership to buy your car.

bring your car to colombiaBuying a vehicle in Medellin is easy. Buy second-hand or brand-new. It’s, like I said before, effortless. One funny thing about cars here is that we only have so many options when you buy new ones. Almost all brands work the following way:
They bring the same care in 3 or 4 versions, and that is it. You only get to pick your color from what they have. So, only a little from which to choose.

Second-hand cars and even classics are more straightforward and way more manageable, and it’s cool if your thing is classic. Colombia is an excellent place to get some cool cars for a bargain.

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Buying a Car in Medellin

buying a car in colombiaI consider myself a person who loves cars and motorcycles. I am not a person who is constantly changing cars. Usually, a vehicle lasts me a long time. Now I have a ’67 VW and a couple of vintage motorcycles. So on that side, I’m fine. But I recommend you do your homework when buying a car and identify when they will charge you more for the vehicle you want. Old Toyotas are unaffordable. People are just crazy about old Toyotas. But it is possible to find reasonable prices.

Buying a vehicle in Medellin

Buying a vehicle in MedellinSuppose you are going to buy a second-hand car. In that case, visit pages like and look to make your purchase at a dealership, go with someone you trust, and do a good appraisal of the vehicle. In that appraisal, you go to be able to account for many items regarding your car of interest, such as its history and if it has had legal problems if someone crashes. You can negotiate with the seller. If the expert report does not pass, they pay for it. It’s worth it.

Car insurance is also very cheap in Colombia. Mandatory insurance is reasonable. The same is true for compulsory insurance. If you are not insured against accidents because your car is ancient, you can purchase civil liability insurance.

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