Why you might want to consider retirement in Medellin

The one thing to do when thinking about retirement is retirement in Medellin. You may want to consider retiring in Medellin for many many reasons, we can give you a few to consider. Medellin has had the most amazing transformation in the last what…20 – 30 years, this little valley in the mountains of the Andes mountains is just heavenly. Nonetheless, this is a big city with big-city problems, so it is not 100% heaven but is very close. The cost of living here is just very very cheap, I am we are talking…you could be living in one of the best of the best apartments in the city if you are renting…for less than 2k USD. that you are renting. Real estate is at your side, meaning that you can get a place that is super wow over a million dollars wow in the states for about 250k USD, I am telling you, is super cheap. HOA (notice I say super cheap a lot) but is true, is very economical. the cost of living is actually quite an extent so we are dedicating a whole URL so you can get more detailed information about living costs. Health services in Medellin are also very economic and very good, Medellin has 9 of the top 50 LATAM hospitals, is very well known that the city has a very competitive dental service provider. Retirement in Medellin with prices that will blow your root canals away to make room for new ones. We can recommend a couple that speaks the language (English that is). city view retirement community great price Health services go hand in hand with insurance services, and the best insurance service provider is SURA, that said, the best thing to do is to get an amazing agent, a really good SURA agent will make sure you get the best service, we can also suggest to you a guy that knows a guy.  (just kidding) If you have any specific questions don’t hesitate to ask.   

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