Cost of living in Medellin

I was very anxious to write this article for many reasons. I love the fact that the cost of living in Medellin is so economic. This is a city that is amazing and cheap for many reasons, everything from housing, food, clothing, and services are more cost-effective than many, many cities. top retirement citiesWe all know that changes that happen in our income when we retire, go down. simple, the vast majority of pensioners will retire with very little money and the average pension per retiree in North America is $1.700 USD, that in North America will make things very hard. That is not the case in Colombia, that is not the case in Medellin, here that money will go very, very far. The cost of living in Medellin is very economical, and the best thing is that is very economical in high-end places, which will make your lifelong dream of living wealthy very easy and with practically no money. (sorry I know is blunt) A good apartment in a very good neighborhood for example can be found for about 700 dollars USD. and that my friends are not a lie. Mind you, people will try to rip you off. Yes, that is true, there is a term among ex-pats “gringo pricing” that is when you get charged more than what you should get charged. That happens, it is true, but is that something we will guide you through on our site. In general, the cost of living in Medellin is about 70% cheaper all the way around. apartments for sale in el poblado

Real Estate in Medellin

Let’s talk real estate for example. An apartment here, a good apartment, I am going to be a little over the top with the real estate because it’s a really good example. a 3200 square foot apartment, with an amazing view of the city, all the amenities, in the poshest posh area of the city, can cost you..somewhere around today’s currency exchange (Dic 2021) its just over 4k pesos per dollar. so let’s be safe and do our calculations with the price per dollar at 3.800. to be safe. The exercise is simply a very hush-hush property that should be somewhere between 900 million and 1500 million COP, that is..somewhere 236k USD to 394k USD, but we are talking…super high end. so yes, you will be amazed at the real estate prices here.

Let’s talk food.¬†

One thing that is really good is the food, I read many posts of people complaining about how the food here can be too fried or that does not have flavor. I am not going to debate with anyone over food, because that is the reason why we have taste buds, and not everyone has to like everything,..anyway you get the point. Basic supermarket stuff like eggs, milk, cheese, pasta and all that stuff we like so much is very good price-wise, you can easily spend just over 150 dollars per month for 2 people, with everything fresh and also way more organic than all that wonderful industrially grown vegetables from up north, not saying that they are not good…just saying you better wash the living petunias out them before you cook them ūüė≥ Here you can go to any farmers market in any neighborhood and get fresh whatever. I like to take a pause here and…
living cost in medellin
Forbes best places to retire
Yes, they are all fresh. Do you want to know anything specific? let me know? we can get all the answers you need so you can make the most informed decision about your retirement. The easy retirement way. If you were to move here, not even retire. just moving here and you were to have small kids.. the same deal. everything for them is much cheaper.

The cost of transportation

best places to retire overseasHere is another big winner in Medellin, this city has one of the best public transportation systems in the world. The Metro which runs from north to south in the city along the Rio Medellin is just wonderful, it’s one of the cleanest metro systems in the world and is very economic. less than a dollar. Taxis are also very economical and now with the digital competition of Uber, DIDI and so many other transportation apps, it’s very easy to move around. Medellin also has Metro Plus and Metro Cable which run along in the same service as the metro. it’s amazing. Medellin also has a bast normal city bus circuit run by privates, a few years back when there was no metro system, they were kings on the road, and getting on a bus was sometimes…Uhm…amazing to do. hanging for dear life outside the doors or squish to hell inside.


If you are going to retire here, you don’t have any kids, so I am not going to go deep into this subject, but i can tell you this much…private schools are very affordable.

Renting cost

Renting a place in Medellin is cheap, I mean dirt cheap, you can get a really nice place for less than 1k per month very easy, the cost of living in Medellin is so low that renting a nice place is not a problem because it won’t be pass 1.5k per month, (that is a super mansion type property). The problem is all the stupid requirements renters have for anyone here, but we can help you with that., not just you for being an overseas renter, it’s with everyone. We can help you make your life easy, we have been trying to change the model here, but its roots run deep. There are 2 different models of renting, furnish and not furnish, its have its advantage, and i would recommend you stay in a couple of furnish places at the beginning to find out with are you are going to like best. After deciding in what area you want to live and if you want to rent before buying..we can help you, here we explain the process to rent here, the requirements that locals ask foreigners, and very important, we tell you when a renter is simply trying to rip you off

The cost of living in Medellin makes Maid services super affordable. 

maid services in medellinbecause the cost of living in Medellin is so amazing you can hire help, but my suggestion about it is very simple. do it through a job agency so you don’t get ripped off. it’s very simple, the agency it’s in charge of paying all the technical stuff you must pay to an employee. it’s worth every penny (because is also very cheap to do) Do you want to know anything else about the cost of living here in Medellin? let me know in the comments below, we will be happy to answer any questions you have. You will be surprised by the cost of living in Medellin, This place is so economical you will feel that you are in the 1% of the population very easy. Medellin has the fortune of being very cheap to live in, that besides the amazing weather, makes this city the place to retire. If you are going to rent a place a good place. Depending on where you want to live you can expect anywhere from 500 USD to 1.5k USD per month, here rent does not include utilities, but they are very economical even for the rich neighborhoods.

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