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What are the best suburbs for retirement near Medellín

Medellin is a valley surrounded by mountains, the best suburbs for retirement near Medellin are in the Oriente of the city, follow by the west side which is warmer.

Medellin sits at 1600 meters above sea level and that makes the weather just perfect.

there are “suburbs” that surround the city, here we are going to talk about zone areas.

  • El Retiro.
    This is a municipality that is just about one hour away from Medellín in what we call the second floor of Medellin, El Retiro is a bit cooler and more cottage like.
  • Rionegro
    Also a good option, if you live in the second floor of Medellin you may never go down to the 1 st floor.
  • Sabaneta
    can be considered a suburb, but it is with in the city, and it has access by the last 2 metro stations.

best places to retire overseas for affordable and efficient health careIf what we consider suburbs is just between 40 to 60 minutes outside the city. Medellin is surrounded by them, and now that i came to think about it more in deep, Medellin has both warmer and colder than the metro area, you can go north, south, east or west of the city to find a completely amazing little town.



What are suburbs in Medellin? you really got me thinking about this.  Ok, let’s analyze this. are some of the zones in the metro area suburbs? the development of enclosed units can be found all over, some areas with more important villa development than others. is that what we can call suburs? if that is the case, Oriente Antioqueño is the king, followed by Santa Fe de Antioquia.

best suburbs in medellin

The suburbs are in medellin i guess what we call zonas campestres, because the houses can be bigger with green around them. I am very inclined to think that is the answer for that question and with that..the best would be.

  1. Envigado parte media and alta
  2. las palmas all the way to oriente
  3. South part of Medellin.

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