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Amazing Retirement Weather all year long

Medellin is the city of eternal spring weather. (ok, a bit hotter now) but better than minus 20 plus wind any day.

Weather in Medellin

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Medellin has the amazing benefit of being close to everything. Only 20 mins from the city you will find what we call the second floor, which is a bit cooler. It’s an amazing zone, el Oriente Antioqueño, which is an amazing zone to retire also, we will talk more in detail later on.

Because of the amazing weather we enjoy. Oh, I want to add a small parenthesis here and tell you…there are no mosquitos. (yes, I may sound like a liar, but you will be amazed) because of the amazing weather, you almost never need a winter jacket, and if you do. It would be nothing more than a windbreaker. There are many things we can tell you about Medellin and we may forget to include many things, so, we are here to answer any questions you may have.

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Of all the many things said about the climate of Medellin, they are all primarily perfect. Medellin has a beautiful climate thanks to its privileged location in the mountains of the Colombian Cordilleras. Its site, almost in the middle of the world (above the equator line), gives Medellin a nearly perfect climate.

Snow doesn’t fall here if, from time to time, you see some spectacular hailstorms which wreak havoc. We won’t deny that, and those hailstorms wreak havoc everywhere when they fall, only I’ve never seen hail in Medellin or the outskirts of Medellin as I have lived in Toronto. (baseball size or larger) which, when they fall, cause absolute havoc.

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Winter in Medellin is rain. A friend once asked me – Thomas, when is the rainy season in Medellin? To which I answered, raising my arms as if lost because, in reality, Medellin has no seasons marked by sun or rain. I understand that August is kite time because it is a windy month. I return and raise my arms, wondering, I don’t know.

Because of Medellin’s location in the mountains, because it is a valley because we are 1,600 meters above sea level, for this reason, and many other things, Medellin does not have fixed seasons, when it rains it rains, when it is hot it’s hot, it may be raining at one end of town and blazing sun at the other end in the city.

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You can go up to the second floor of Medellin and look down, and everything is cloudy, and you pass a point where you can see the plain of the second floor of Medellin, and you find that everything is blue.

In short, the weather in Medellin is phenomenal. If you come and it’s raining, well, we don’t have to worry about shoveling any snow, and you can still go out in a short-sleeved shirt.

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