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The ultimate city to retire – Medellín

For many reasons, Medellin is one of the ultimate cities in South America to retire. Its people, living costs, health services, infrastructure, and climate are perfect for those who retire, and their monthly income is only their social security.

The ultime city to retire for many reasons.

  • The weather.
  • The cost of living
  • The health services
  • Insurance cost
  • Real estate cost
  • Close to North America
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Medellin is the city to retire for many reasons. Here is a quick summary of why we are so pro-Medellin for retirement issues.

bringing your pet to colombiaWe have already said it many times, and it sounds like a broken record. Still, Medellin has a splendid climate in which you will be able to enjoy a whole year of your life in the open air, walks, outings with the dogs, and going biking (which, by the way, here is an everyday issue for everyone) what’s more, what I’m telling you allows me to write a post about what it’s like to ride a bicycle in these parts.

affordable retirementMedellin is a city where your retirement will go further. The cost of living is very cheap, allowing you to enjoy your monthly money better without pressure and with more freedom. Everything about food costs, rent, insurance, property management, and everything you can imagine is cheaper in Medellin.

About health: It is a sound system with private and public sectors. And insurance, the costs not out of this world unpurchasable. I do recommend you do your homework. We can point you in the right direction. More information on this subject will be available soon for you since we know that it is a somewhat thorny issue and crucial for people who want to retire outside their countries of origin. We know and understand that these are fundamental issues for our clients.

top retirement cityReal estate costs in Medellin are outstanding. Medellin is a city where property costs always stay high, I’ll explain more about it later, but it’s also not a country and a city where prices jump quickly. No, the case here is very different. Regarding property taxes, they are mostly (where almost everyone is) less than a thousand dollars a year (based on middle and upper-middle-class properties) HOA maintenance costs are meager, nearly all below the 100 dollars a month in its vast majority. The buildings are traditional; when we say this, we mean that they are built with cement and brick.

Another issue that may be of great interest to you is that Medellin is very close to North America. Yes, we are a 3-hour flight from Miami, that in my books, is to be very close, and outside of that, it is very cheap to travel to the United States or Canada; companies like spirit and pages like CheapOair now make traveling very affordable, bringing families much closer.

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