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Our company is a collective of incredible people who strive to make a lovely 6-day stay in Medellin for you.

During these six days, we will immerse you in the necessary information to make a better decision to enjoy your retirement. Here in the itinerary of the six-day tour, you will find what we cover and all the topics of rigor, and you´ll also be able to enjoy some beautiful days of new experiences. Cheers.

Day One

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You are finally here.

We will pick you up at the airport. Then, depending on your arrival time, we can do a couple of things.

  • A quick tour of the city, then
  • Dinner at a restaurant with a spectacular view of the city.

We will then take you to your hotel, where you will be this week so that you can rest.

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Day Two

The East

On day two, we will tour the outskirts of Medellin, where you will get to know a few charming places.

We are going to visit a few beautiful villages and try new flavors. You are going to love it. We will then finish having dinner overlooking the city.

Day Three

The Cultural Day

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On day 3, we are going to do some cultural things. First, you will visit the Botanical Garden, a wonderful place, the Museum of Antioquia and El Castillo Museum, and other artistic sceneries in the city to end your day with a delicious meal in a fantastic restaurant in Le Mont.

We will take you shopping in the afternoon, and for high coffee at one of many unique places, you will have to enjoy sunny afternoons.

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Day Four


On the fourth day, we will visit lawyers, insurance brokers and tax advisors that will explain all your options.

You will learn about the different insurance and visa options. We will also see the clinics and hospitals that serve Medellin to finish having dinner in a fantastic restaurant overlooking the city.

Day Five

Shopping day

On this day, we will learn the costs of living in Medellin. Then, we will visit a series of supermarkets and wholesale stores, shopping centers, and shopping areas so that you learn first-hand where to buy all of Medellin.

Get the prices the locals get

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Day 6

The west side

On day six, we will see the other side of Medellin. Again, the west side is a warmer cottage area close to Medellin.

You are also going to see our closes lake up close and personal and learn about all the different retirement options you will have in Medellin.

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Day 7

And we are off the airport

Depending on your departure time, we will set up a couple of options, like shopping, another city tour, or a good lunch to discuss your tour. We are going to see you again soon.

Remember, if you have any questions, we are here to help you. 

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Our goal with this tour is to fall in love with this beautiful city and its surrounding areas. It’s that simple, we fall in love with them, our friends fall in love with them, and our clients always fall in love with them. Medellin is here to give you the best retirement. This first tour opens your mouth to what you can expect if you retire in this beautiful place.

In summary, in these six days and seven nights, we will fill you with information that will be very important to help you make a more educated decision about your retirement outside of North America.

And they will wonder why we do it. It’s straightforward because we know you deserve the best retirement after working for many years. You deserve a retirement where your money works, you don’t have to shovel snow, and the health system is excellent and affordable. For this and many other reasons, Medellin in Colombia is where we hope you will spend your golden years. Welcome.

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