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Taking care of your Taxes Overseas is very important. So I will be straightforward and tell you that I need to learn about this subject. Still, also I want to tell you that the information that is required for you to retire here, we will be publishing in our blog very soon; one thing I can tell you is that IRS and la DIAN do cross information, so it is best to be well informed about your options, we will have more information regarding all this very soon.

We are partnering with a very savvy account so all you retirees can be sure to have the best tax services in the city. 

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Your Taxes in Colombia

Taxes is a subject that can concern us all, for this we have one of the best people for this, you will be able to ask our dear tax specialist all the questions you want on the subject, what we recommend, that you have your questions ready. Adriana will sit down for dinner one night at a work dinner with us, where we can ask her all the questions on the subject.

Taxes in Colombia Matter

Now, of course, the issue of taxes is essential, and there are times when the government does not help with this issue that I have to declare in the two places where I live. Why do I have to declare my social security if this is already the money they give me from all the taxes I have paid throughout my life? All these and more are some of the questions you may be asking yourself now. And it’s not too much. It is a central theme.

But as my great mentor and friend told me – you have two people on your team. 1. your lawyer, and two, your accountant, and not to get you out of trouble. Completely contrary. It’s so they don’t let you get into trouble.

And it is for this reason that Adriana is on our team. to keep us out of trouble.

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