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With us, you do not have the chance to spend the time they give you on a visa to be in Medellin. So therefore, from the start, the visa they give you when you come to Colombia can be between 90 and 180 days, which is more than enough. 

So for this, you will not have any problem. If something like that happens to you, you will suddenly have minor issues, but they are nothing that a decent lawyer cannot solve for you. We can direct you to our trusted lawyer if you need it.

Information about your visa in Colombia

In google, you will also be able to find many articles with information about what would happen if you stay more than what your visa is leaving you.

Retire overseasNow, I will tell you. I spent more than three years with my visa expired, my situation being a tris different since my parents are Colombian (I am Canadian).

My parents lived in Canada for many years, but they also got tired of the snow, as I did. I got sick of the snow and came to live here.

Overstaying your visa

So when I was at university, I spent the time they gave me to stay in Colombia as a Canadian (the story is long, and one day I will tell you in detail); the issue is that I had to go to get a certificate of good behavior in Colombia and wait for this paz y salvo to arrive from Bogota, it took a few weeks to come. When it finally did, I was able to leave. (and it also cost me money to get the certificate)

Be prepare don’t overstay your visa

I tell you, being illegal in Colombia is the worst thing you can do. It’s not as simple as in the United States or Canada, where you get on the plane and say goodbye, not here they make sure you don’t owe anything before letting you get on the plane.

I suggest keeping your visa active. It is relatively easy. Just keep it in mind.

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