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The tour to the east is a mandatory drive when you come to Medellin. The return to the east is a walk through the entire Paisa near the east. This tour can start by the Medellin – Bogota highway or las palmas.

On this tour, we will visit several towns, churches, parks, restaurants, cafes, and points of interest are visited to take photos and enjoy.

The tour includes visiting El Retiro, La Ceja, La UniĆ³n, San Antonio de Pereira, Marinilla, Rionegro, and Carmen de Viviral.

On this tour, you can taste different flavors. In various municipalities, you can enjoy their specialties, such as visiting the wood workshops in El Retiro, visiting crops in La Union (known for its potato crops and two beautiful restaurants to taste meat and cheeses) in the park of San Antonio de Pereira, you can taste fabulous desserts, in Carmen de Viviral its attractive artisan ceramics industry.

The east is an extraordinary destination that can last a whole day, and you can spend a pleasant day learning about the places near the city.

This tour immerses you in the paisa culture and what living in these areas can be. At the same time, you will be able to enjoy beautiful landscapes and the architecture of the exceptional location.

You will note that the architecture in the area is varied. You will be able to see the traditional houses of yesteryear and also see new architectural trends (I call this type of property mansions paisas)

This tour is a must when you come to Medellin for your vacation tour with your friends. You will enjoy an area near Medellin reserved for the local people of Medellin and now open to the world to enjoy.