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La Ceja

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La Ceja is a municipality in Antioquia that is part of the eastern Antioquia subregion and is part of the famous drive to the East. This municipality borders Rionegro, Carmen de Viboral, La Union, Montebello, and El Retiro, all of that favorite drive to the East.

La Ceja is known as the Little Vatican since, in its territory, there are more than 25 religious communities, both male and female and because it houses the Christ the Priest national seminary, the famous Rodeo Santa Ana retirement home is also part of the municipality. Of priests with difficulties. In this place resides the Bishop of Sonson.

La Ceja is where the plane of the Brazilian soccer team Chapecoense crashed, putting La Ceja on the international map in 2016.

La Ceja communicates with the rest of Antioquia through several routes, mainly the famous entrance through the Tequendamita waterfall and another from the Retiro, entering through pure leather.

La Ceja is famous for its tree tomato, banana, blackberry, and coffee crops. It is a municipality blessed by lands where everything grows. In addition, La Ceja is a municipality with a ravishing flower production exported to the United States, mainly flowers such as tulips, orchids, carnations, and lilies.

It is a municipality known for its wood, iron, and aluminum handicrafts.

Due to its proximity to Medellin and its excellent roads, it has become a tourist destination par excellence. Furthermore, its central park and surroundings make this municipality one of the favorite places for Antioquians to go and have a good time on the weekend.

In addition to all the paisa gastronomy and roasts, the eyebrow is famous for sweets and preserves such as custard, jams, arequipies, chocolates, and panelitas.

Some places of interest in La Ceja include the Salto del río Buey. In the Museum of Religious Art Chapel of Our Lady of Chiquinquira, the Basilica Less of Our Lady of Carmen, and the Juan de Dios Aranzazu Theater.