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Health insurance overseas

We understand how important health insurance is for you.  To be covered by an insurance service when you are overseas. Its very important to be ready in case any unexpected accidents happen.

We completely rely and trust no other than SURA for insurance services in Colombia. this I can vouch for.

All the information that is provided by them (SURA) we have here to answer all your questions, if you want personalized information let us now here and will have Luciano and his team answering anything regarding insurance in Colombia for foreigners.

health insurance

With SURA offers 5 different plans with lots of goodies.

  1. Salud Global
  2. Salud Clasico
  3. Salud Personalizado
  4. Salud Mayores

The truth is that i don’t even know where to begin.  But we can tell you this much. There are over 18 companies that Luciano Brokers for, we had this conversation over coffee many time, (he is also my insurance guy for over 17 years) there is a few of this companies that offer international insurance that cover Colombia, that is true, but the best way to do it is to do it here, with SURA

Health Insurance from SURA lets you can relax because you know that you have unlimited access to services that not only complement your plan, but also allow you to enjoy exclusive care such as consulting directly with a specialist doctor or performing imaging or radiology exams, without having to wait for an authorization from the general practitioner.

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And how does that benefit you? Simple: you have high quality coverage in laboratory diagnostic aids, imaging or radiology, prostheses and transplants, you also have outpatient treatments in case you require dialysis or are diagnosed with a high cost disease.

  1. Salud global

In addition to having unlimited access to all services in Colombia, with the Global Health Plan you could be treated abroad as a result of an emergency due to accident or illness, through the company that provides the travel assistance service; You can also schedule a surgery or treatment for a disease established in the conditions of your insurance. This is service for mostly for colombian nationals that do quite a bit of traveling.

2.  Salud Clasico

Why have a health policy? The reasons are many specially if you are retiree in Colombia: the main one is to be able to count on the protection of an insurance that offers you coverage both at the hospital and outpatient level.

3. Salud Personalizado (personalized plan)

If you live in any city of Colombia, through this insurance you have the possibility of establishing a trustworthy relationship with your personal doctor or care group, who will be in charge of diagnosing your diseases and referring you to the specialists they deem pertinent. to make you a permanent accompaniment and understand your needs from your medical history.

4. Familiar Mayor (older)

Health is essential for you to live each day with fulfillment. If a condition is affecting you, our promise is to provide you with the best coverage so that you can recover. When you turn 60, and if you have EPS SURA, the Senior Family Health Plan will allow us to continue accompanying you in a comprehensive manner for a premium that is more suited to your income and assets.