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Health insurance overseas

We understand how vital health insurance is for you. To be covered by an insurance service when you are overseas. It’s essential to be ready in case any unexpected accidents happen.

Health insurance overseas

We entirely rely on and trust no other than SURA for insurance services in Colombia. I can vouch for this.

All the information that they provide (SURA) we have here answered all your questions. If you want personalized information, let us know here, and we will have SURA, and its team answer anything regarding insurance in Colombia for foreigners.

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More answers to your questions. Retire overseas.

Insurance in Colombia

Insurance is a subject we will be talking about in lots of detail. Heads up Is very economical, is very good, and like anything else, you will find the good and the bad service. So, I recommend you get a good broker, a good broker, who will be able to tell you what you need to know, and be there when you need them (let’s hope you don’t) and read good comments about it, and also some nasty comments which I think is very typical, one thing I can assure you is: The insurance in Colombia is economical, and the services are good.

Best insurance service for ex-pats in Colombia

Straight up, I don’t make money for saying this. But the best health insurance service in Colombia is from SURA, plain and simple. Do your research. Ask Google. If you don’t believe me, ask google.

So you checked google, and now you know that SURA is Colombia’s best insurance and health provider. Let me tell you this. I have personally used them. My parents used them, and my ex-wife does. They are the best insurance company in Colombia. They are part of GEA, a vast industrial conglomerate in Colombia. They are the best-managed publicly owned company in the country. Their portfolio is ample, and from the economic side, from the service side, SURA is a health provider, the best in the country, their services are top to non, they also employ the best professionals in all fields of medicine, their specialist is some of the best in the country. 

How to get insurance in Colombia

SURA offers five different plans with lots of goodies.

  1. Salud Global
  2. Salud Clasico
  3. Salud Personalizado
  4. Salud Mayores

best place to retire in the world on a budgetThe truth is that I don’t even know where to begin. But we can tell you this much. There are over 18 insurance companies in Colombia. We had this conversation over coffee many times with many people in the health and insurance sector; a few of these companies offer international insurance that covers Colombia, and that is true, but the best way to do it is to do it here, with SURA.

Insurance services from SURA let you can relax because you know that you have unlimited access to benefits that not only complement your plan but also allow you to enjoy complete care, such as consulting directly with a specialist doctor or performing imaging or radiology exams, without having to wait for authorization from the general practitioner.

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And how does that benefit you? Simple: you have high-quality coverage in laboratory diagnostic aids, imaging or radiology, prostheses, and transplants. You also have outpatient treatments if you require dialysis or are diagnosed with a high-cost disease.

  1. Salud Global

In addition to having unlimited access to all services in Colombia, with the Global Health Plan, you could be treated abroad as a result of an emergency due to an accident or illness through the company that provides the travel assistance service; You can also schedule surgery or treatment for a disease established in the conditions of your insurance. This service is mainly for Colombian nationals who travel quite a bit.

2. Salud Clasico

Why have a health policy? The reasons are many, especially if you are a retiree in Colombia: the main one is to be able to count on the protection of insurance that offers you coverage at the hospital and outpatient levels.

3. Salud Personalizado (personalized plan)

Suppose you live in any city in Colombia through this insurance. In that case, you can establish a trustworthy relationship with your doctor or care group, who will diagnose your diseases and refer you to the specialists they deem pertinent. To make you a permanent accompaniment and understand your needs from your medical history.

4. Familiar Mayor (older)

Your health is essential to living each day with fulfillment. If a condition is affecting you, we promise to provide you with the best coverage so that you can recover. When you turn 60, and if you have EPS SURA, the Senior Family Health Plan will allow us to continue comprehensively accompanying you for a premium that suits your income and assets.

More answers to your questions

There are several insurance companies in Colombia, and there are many health insurance brokers, but it is essential that you do your homework. The big difference is their assistance and companionship when a claim is to be made.

Brokers will all give you different options. Do your research, and in the end, you will find the best company is SURA. The key to getting the right insurance is to get the right broker, who will give you the best advice and coverage. The essential part is to be there for you whenever you are in need, answering the phone when you need them to answer the phone. Then, respond to your questions with clarity.

Do you want the best service? I think you do. Contact us for the best assistance.

Health services in Colombia

Health is an area where Colombia shines, and Medellin super shines. If you retire here, you can experience top first-hand services. Services from a simple dental job to the most complex surgery, 9 of the best 40 hospitals in Latam are in Medellín, which alone should give you peace of mind.

Both private and public services are top-notch. You will get that nose job you always wanted, and you can afford that dental job you wanted and your insurance in the states or Canada did not cover. Besides that, health services are good if you get the right insurance coverage.

All those services that are extras in your country that your company only covers, we can tell you that one of the best places to retire overseas for affordable and efficient health care is in Medellin., one of the top-ranked sites in the world, tells us that Medellin is in almost the top 20 for both affordability and cost.


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