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In this link, we are going to answer many questions that you have about health services and when to take the retirement tour in Medellin. We are going to have many more answers for you.

Great Health Care Services

Health insurance overseasThe health care services in Colombia are one of the top health care services in the world. Medellin has 9 of the 40 best hospitals in LATAM, simple. No better place to get sick. (sorry, I don’t want you to get sick) but if you need a procedure, this is the best city to get it done.

On top of having the best healthcare services, it also has one of the best insurance and health provider companies, which makes this place even better. 

SURA is 100% paisa and is also the best; google it. What else can I tell you about the health care services? Oh, yes, the hospitals and clinics in Medellin are top; institutions like Clinica del Rosario, La Cardiovascular, and La Clínica de Medellin are top institutions where you can be sure you be in good hands.

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Health in Colombia

According to many publications, it is not just me saying for the sake of saying it, not that the health services in Colombia are exceptional. The level of schooling and training is also one of the best in the world, and the services, together with the hospital and clinic infrastructure.

Also, and this is very important, all these services are very economical in Colombia, where you can get that smiling mouth job you always wanted.

Cosmetic surgery in Medellin is one of the best in the world, combined with the prices. Also, going to any specialist is way more economical than in the States or Canada.

I can guarantee that the primary health plan will cover all your needs, from the eye doctor to the dentist, to more specialized doctors like hearing and sleeping specialists.

We are confident that you will be in good hands if you need any treatment. When either my mom or dad had to go to the doctor, the experience was terrific.

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health in ColoimbiaSo when talking about health in Colombia and health for retirees in Medellin, it is with great honor that we have perfect health here, one of the best in the world, simple.

This country’s network of hospitals and clinics is outstanding. And there are detractors, but I am frank. With my father and my mother, I always did very well with the Colombian health system. (Yes, do not go too far, yes. Both in private insurance and with complimentary insurance, it is the best company in the country)

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