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Here is our gallery of pictures we have taken on our many trips around the city and its surroundings. These are some pictures of what you will be seeing firsthand.



In Medellin, we are going to see many things. In Medellin, you will see many cultural places, like the Museum of Antioquia, and also the botanical gardens. We are going to visit the outskirts of Medellin, we are going to see beautiful places, and you are going to discover new flavors and new experiences.


Gallery, why so many pictures of Medellin?

Medellin is such a beautiful city that I love taking photos at all times of many things throughout the city. of details and tribal things, but that makes this city a beautiful city.

Medellin is not just Medellin. It is the surroundings of Medellin that make this city a great city. Just 30 – 45 minutes from the town, we will find beautiful, green landscapes full of life. Remember that Medellin is a valley in the middle of the mountains. It is part of the Andean mountain range, a splendid place.

Did you know that Medellin has an almost perfect climate? That’s right, Medellin is about 1600 meters above sea level on nearly the entire equator line. It is almost in the center of the world. An excellent friend of mine, Doña Nora Lopez, a lady of significant ancestry and highly studied, once explained to me in a meeting that due to its privileged location, Medellin manages a unique energy, which is perhaps why it is the capital of Antioquia, a capital that for Many being this the second most important city in Colombia, it is the first in the heart of the vast majority of Colombians. (well, some are jealous of Medellin)

That is why Medellin is so photogenic. It has very particular architecture, beautiful streets, beautiful people, and some points in the city that are jewels. That is why on this page, you can find many photos of Medellin. (When you take the tour, you will also be able to take many pictures)

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