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Flower Tour

Medellin is known for the flower fair, which occurs annually in August.

However, you can still enjoy the flowers in Medellin during the rest of the year.

Medellin has a lovely botanical garden, and it is common to find florists in many places in Medellin.

The little Placita de Flores in the center of Medellin is a place in the city where the flowers of Medellin arrive. The famous Medellin flower festival was born in the little Placita de las Flores. The flower square in Medellin was built in 1891, and ever since, it has been known for its flower business tradition

If you are a flower lover, the flower square in Medellin is where we have to go to see the great variety of flowers you can find in the city.

La Placita is located in the heart of downtown Medellin, just a few blocks from Avenida La Playa, one of the main thoroughfares in downtown Medellin and very close to the Boston neighborhood, a traditional district in downtown Medellin, with 19th-century architecture. Past has been influenced mainly by European architecture since this neighborhood in the 20th century was the neighborhood of the city’s wealthy people who could travel abroad, especially to Europe, and bring their ideas for constructing their homes.

In Medellin, we will be able to find several places to go to see flowers or vegetables. In Rionegro, Retiro, and Llano Grande, we can find many nurseries where you can learn about the processes of growing flowers in Medellin.

Something to note is that in Colombia you will find a great variety of ——-, something that is wonderful, you can find them in crops or simply walking in the streets of Medellin.

Medellin is the city of flowers in Colombia.