After All Those Years Working How about an amazing retirement? living like you always wanted Getting the most out of your retirement money

You deserve the best retirement. You deserve nothing but the best. FInd out how you can Retire like you always wanted. 

After all those years working and working..

not to mention the weather..

Medellin is what you deserve

In Medellin you will be really be able to enjoy your retirement.
Find out what others are already enjoying

Amazing weather

Superb health system

Pennies on the dollar

Why Medellín?

SImply the best retirement. Get the most out out your hard worked money!​

There are no winters

worry no more about winters. they will be a thing of the pass in Medellín. Leave your snow shovel in Medellin, winter in Medellin is water, and water is good for the plants.

9 of the best 50 hospitals

in South America are located in Medellin, that combien with the best insurance companies in South America a win win combination when retiring in Medellín.

Your money goes very far

In medellin your money yields. From buying food to rent, here your money really pays off. You will be amazed at how far your retirement income will go.

Still thinking

Why Medellin? Simple. its cheap.

cheap retirement

The prices are amazing, you will be blown away by the price here. Your money will go really far. Pennies on the dollar guarantee. Your retirement  will

retirement overseas

The prices of everything are super cheap. Real estate is on your side. Going to the market to get groceries is super great because the prices are so good.

retirement overseas

Insurance prices are very good, and the services are top notch, ou will be amazed at the level of living you get have in Medellin for pennies on the dollar. 

Book your retirement tour now

Your all inclusive tour in Medellín includes

You will be amazed by what you will see, learn and enjoy during this tour. You will leave with a clear vision of what your life would be if you retired in Medellin. Retire like you always wanted, in a city where your money will go further, much further.


All that for only $2,750.00 Usd per person

retirement overseas

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