You deserve
the best retirement

After raising your kids and working all those deserve nothing but the best

You deserve to retire

retire overseas

Where winter jackets are never needed.

Winter jackets are never need in Medellín

retire overseas

Where winter boots
aren't needed

You can not even buy winter boots in Medellín.

retirement planning

Where you can make the most out of your money​

And there is no slush!

Find the retirement life you want in Medellín.

In Medellín you will find all you need: 

  • Top notch health care system
  • competitive insurance prices
  • BBQ weather all year long

All at bargain prices.

Medellín is in the top 5 cities to retire

Cuenca Ecuador

Fortaleza Brazil

Mazatlan Mexico

Medellín Colombia

Ambergris Belize

Why Medellín? Simple

retire better

Spring weather all year long

Living cost up to 70% cheaper

Top-notch health care system

Evenings on the varanda every day

Book your Retirement Tour

You are the most important part of this tour! We like to call it the ROYAL RETIREMENT TOUR. We mix all you need to know with all best and most luxurious experiences. We offer the best service to make you fall in love with Medellin.

Your all inclusive tour in Medellín includes

You will be amazed by what you will see, learn and enjoy during this tour. You will leave with a clear vision of what your life would be if you retired in Medellin. Retire like you always wanted, in a city where your money will go further, much further.


All that for only $2,750.00 Usd per person

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