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Cultural sites

See all the cultural sites of Medellín.



Also called  the second floor of Medellin. Enchanting


Guatape is a must visit when you come to Medellín.

Senior holiday tours

Food and Drinks Tour

See all the cultural sites of Medellín.


Flower Tour

See all the cultural sites of Medellín.


Coffee Tour

See the second floor of Medellin



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The West Side

medellin colombia real estate el poblado

Shopping Tour

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top places to retire

City Tour

senior tour with company


And much more

Guided Tours

Food and wine tour

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We will show you the hiding jewels. Where the locals go

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Coming to Medellin and not going to Piedra del Peñol and Guatape

tours for senior citizens


The tour to the east is a mandatory drive when you come

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Flower Tour

Medellin is known for the flower fair, which occurs annually in August.

coffees in medellin

Coffee Tour

The coffee. The coffee in Medellin is exceptional; lately, it has become

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EL Retiro

This municipality is one of the most beloved in Antioquia. The retreat