economic retirement

EL Retiro

This municipality is one of the most beloved in Antioquia. The retreat is located on the second floor of Medellin and is the closest to the metropolis. This municipality is part of that famous tour of the Oriente (East), and it is the first or the last municipality you visit when you are doing this famous tour of the East.

Furthermore, this municipality is renowned for being the first municipality in the Americas where slaved people who worked in the region’s mines were freed. That is why it is known as the cradle of freedom; a curious fact, it was the first place in America and the world to do so.

It is a municipality that, due to its size, has a large number of churches,
• Our Lady of Pilar Chapel (Vereda Pantanillo)
• Chapel of Our Lady of Candelaria (Vereda la Fe)
• Sacred Heart of Jesus Chapel (Vereda Los Salados)
• Emmaus Road Chapel (Vereda Don Diego)
• Chapel of the Municipal Cemetery
• Chapel of Saint Joseph
• Our Lady of the Rosary Church

The average temperature of this municipality is 16 degrees Celsius, at a distance of 33 km from the capital Paisa. It is 2100 meters above sea level. In Medellin, we know it as the second floor of the city.

The retreat has 20 trails (these are areas within the retreat)

El Retiro is known locally for its quartz mines and also for its woodworking. In addition, it is a municipality known for its wood and leather furniture—a tradition of more than 100 years.

El Retiro is also known as the first Colombian avocado-producing municipality, with more than 250 hectares planted mostly with Hass avocado for export. Its coffee is also well-known locally. It also has other important crops, such as blackberries, bananas, and cape gooseberry, without forgetting its flower crops and dairy cattle.

The retreat is famous for horseback riding, bridle paths, pre-Columbian paths, and bird watching. With a wide diversity, it is a destination to enjoy nature.