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Dating in Medellin

Retirement in MedellinTrue be told, I suck at dating, so I suck at giving dating advice here in Medellin. I read about it all the time. Stay off hookers, be careful on Tinder, and be very careful. If you look for trouble here in Medellin, you will likely find it very easy. (do notice) I am not talking about all you ladies that come to Medellin because you are not looking for the same things.

Now, yes is very easy to fall in love with someone in Medellin. Just be careful. Please.

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Dating in Colombia - Dating Apps

There are many applications to find a partner in these modern times, Tinder being the most popular. I recommend you look for a partner in the most traditional way possible. Friends are there for that. So it goes for men and women alike. It is effortless for a man to succumb to a pretty woman’s temptation, and we like to fall into it.

I have noticed a couple of times where some men who come here to retire and get a new partner find that person without a problem, but I have also seen and read many times on social networks and in the press horror stories about dating going sour.

Horrible experiences from both sides, both men and women. So I recommend acting carefully; hopefully, you will find the person you need.

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