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Dancing in Medellin

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Medellin is a city where you will find many places to dance, from salsa and tango to electronic music.

In Medellin, music and dance are integral to the paisa culture. You can find places to dance salsa to reggaeton without any problem. Colombia is a country full of rhythms that invite you to move your skeleton and enjoy life.

Medellin has countless bars and nightclubs where you can enjoy and experience dancing and immerse yourself in the local culture.

Clubs and discos in Medellin don’t have a dress code. You’re fine if you don’t wear shorts and sandals. Medellin lacks a culture where men dress up too much to go out. On the other hand, women are a bit different everywhere, and it’s no different in Medellin; women dress up to go out.

You can find excellent dancing in places like Dulce Jesus Mio, Gusto Medellin, Oye Bonita, Copacabana, and many more. You can find many bars and discos in the pink zone town. It is not my forte since I don’t dance (and I wouldn’t say I like soccer); yes, I know. All my friends told me in Toronto. Thomas. Don’t you dance, don’t you like football? But if you are Latino. (Well, I’m Latino because my parents are Colombian, and I’m Canadian by birth, so my taste in music and dancing is different – Joe, the guy from I am Canadian beer TV comersial back in the mid 90’s lives in el Retiro, close to Medellin)

On Calle 70 in Medellin, you will also find many bars and clubs to enjoy many rhythms to dance.

So if you are going to dance, come to Medellin and dance until you drop from exhaustion from dancing so much. Welcome to Medellin.