Connecting your cell phone services

Getting cell phone services in Colombia is a bit a hustle, but here we tell you how you can do it the best way. cheapest places to retire It’s very important to note. You must have your cell unlocked and register here in order to have a local carrier in your cell if you bring it from overseas. This are our recommendation is very simple. If are going to retire here, you are going to live here, this is not a recommendation for an expats (i consider them to be in another category )
  • Buy a cell phone here to use here, you are going to live here, mind as well get a cell phone here, you don’t need to get a plan, just the cell phone at a recognized store, this way you will save your self tons of headaches.
  • if you must use one here from overseas make sure you unlocked the phone with your provider in canada or the usa and or only use it with your overseas number
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What I recommend to anyone moving here is to buy a the cell phone here, or if you are going to bring it from up yourself a favor and make sure that is completely unlock 

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