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best coffees in Medellin

The coffee. The coffee in Medellin is exceptional; lately, it has become much better.

Because? There was a breaking point where the paisas began to say how? They leave us the coffee that is left over, and the best of our mountains is exported! Let’s change that and now;

Empowerment of a new generation. Young kids of coffee grower families of yesteryear. A new generation began with small crops to develop new yields and new coffee-making processes. That is why we can find many gourmet cafes in the city. With this new offer of coffee shops in town, also improving the quality of the coffee we drink in Medellin

And with this in mind, we can find coffee farm tours not far from the city. For example, almost all the coffee crops in Antioquia are within two hours or a little more—places like Fredonia, where nearly the entire municipality is planted with coffee.

Now, in Medellin, we can do something that we call tarderar (just going to a coffee shop to enjoy a coffee, read a book, or meet a friend) is like high tea but with coffee, and this can be done in many cafes in the city. Places like Pergamino, Bombay, Zendaya, La Isla, al alma, and many other little shops whose names escape me, places where you can sit and enjoy delicious coffees and cakes.

We can also visit coffee farms where the entire coffee process is explained and where you can enjoy 100% fresh coffee and observe the process from coffee collection, drying, grinding, and finally packaging in nearby coffee farms to the city.

Beautiful landscapes, great food, and exquisite flavors are part of this fantastic day on the farm. Our goal is to fall in love with Medellin and its surroundings.