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This site is not about real estate. There is no agenda to sell you real estate on the tour. but we have dealings with realtors for our customers. Yes,  but before we actually try to sell you a property in Medellin, we want you to understand all that is involved with living in Medellín, we want you to fall in love with Medellín.

Buy the property of your dreams in Medellin

best places to retireRegarding real estate, we can tell you that Medellin is a place where you will be able to buy the property of your dreams for pennies on the dollar which is very simple. Buying a property in Medellin is very easy, there are steps you must follow like in any other country, but is not hard at all, we will give you more information regarding the process of buying a property and where you can look for properties, what expenses you will be expected to pay for closing a deal an so on.

We will also show you and teach you about the zones in Medellin, we will talk and do comparisons regarding these zones, and we will show you and teach you all you need to know to make the best choice.

Sorry. No, you can not get credit to buy here as a foreigner with a local bank. Also notice that besides apartments all over the city, there are also Lots and Cottages which in Medellin are called casas campestres
Click on any of the links below for more information. No gringo pricing. Same price for locals and foreigners 

We actually own a few real estate sites for Medellin, so we can show you some properties when you take your retirement tour in Medellin.

All these sites are for local customers, with pricing for locals (the same price that locals get you will be getting. No gringo pricing here)

We are constantly updating these platforms so you can make sure that what you see is available. (almost always) Sabaneta is a small town in the south part of town, a very homey place where you can get to meet lots of people. site for Envigado, we called it the Colombian Monaco. La Estrella is an up-and-coming area in the south part of the city, it borders Sabaneta and Itagüí. El Poblado is one of the most upscale zones in Medellín. this area is very well-liked by the ex-pat retiree communities because is flat and you can walk everywhere is a platform for cottage-like properties close to the city, these are what I call Mansiones Paisas (paisa Mansions) Lotes Campestre is a site about lots in gated communities. like small cottages communities.

We have other sites for office spaces, warehouses, developments and so on. is all about giving more information and better information.

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