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Better Affordable Retirement option

A Better affordable retirement where the money that you saved during your working life is significant. Understanding that retiring is to stop working and that we have that monthly money for our subsistence is very important.

A More affordable retirement

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Affordable Retirement is Possible in Medellín

When you have a retirement allowance between $900 and 1500 dollars per month is not money that will yield much in our places of residence (Canada or the USA). That is why looking for a place where the money that we have worked so hard for all our lives gives us and allows us to live a decent retirement life.

A dignified retirement life where we can enjoy our retirement, not worry about the essential things, and a little about what we want the most.

When you retire in Medellin, Colombia, that primary retirement is going to pay off a lot. Life in Medellin is cheap, and with a lot to see and enjoy and all this for minimal cost, your standard of living will be significantly improved by living in Medellin.

Retiring with little money per month is possible in Medellin. When you take our retirement tour in Medellin, you will be able to realize that living in Medellin, either alone or with your partner, is the best option.


affordable retirement

No more going to the supermarket in the middle of a cold day. No more having to warm up a car, remove the snow from above, and scratch the windows to drive. Not in Medellín, a city blessed with eternal summer. Here you will be able to enjoy barbecue time all the time.

If you want to retire, enjoy everything you deserve, do not have to worry that your retirement will not reach the end of the month and live very comfortably. Instead, take our retirement tour in Medellin. Our job is to make you fall in love with this beautiful city. We are here to give you the best service.

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