Medellín one of best places to retire overseas.

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There are many, many reasons to retire in Medellin, we are going to give you a lot of reasons to retire here, in this amazing city. It is actually quite hard to begin. So let’s get started.

This website.  Will answer a lot of questions relating to retiring abroad, and retiring in Medellin.  A magazine if you may, to read and to share (please share this site with your friends).
We are going to talk about all those things you need to know regarding retiring and moving to Medellin. you are going to learn what is like to retire in Medellin Colombia. Yes!!


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To retire in Medellín. We are going to give you the best information possible about retiring not only in  Colombia but more in detail about what its like to retire in Medellin. Our goal is to give you all the answers.  Let us know if you have any questions regarding retiring to this amazing city.
We want to make it very clear. We are going to be very biased about Medellín, we are not going to talk about anything not related to retiring in this amazing city. Cheers.

Where to retire in Colombia

See, every post is an opportunity for me to be biased with Medellin, I am going to only sell you, Medellin, as a retirement destination. Now, within Colombia, there are many cities that you can choose from. You will be able to pick from many cities and within the cities, you will be able to pick in the city different zones, we are going to concentrate on Medellin for many reasons.

  1. we sell you, Medellin, as a retirement destination
  2. we know Medellin
  3. we know the services in Medellin
  4. when someone focuses on one area, there is better service in that area, simple.

Please do not hate us for telling you information about only Medellín.

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One of the best walkable cities to retire in 2022

Medellin is a valley, it’s all surrounded by mountains, nowadays the sides of the hills have had a considerable development, making the lower part of the city a very walkable green city. Areas like Laureles in Medellin are 100% walkable, there is a zone in Medellin I call the “Money Belt”, that is all that zone between Avenida Las Vegas and Avenida el Poblado, the area runs from Ciudad del Rio all the way to Sabaneta, this area is amazing because is in the lower part of the city, it runs along with the metro, so there all the metro stations are along this corridor.

Why is Medellin a paradise to retire

Many people lately are saying that Medellin is a paradise to retire, but why is that? we think we have the answer. It has a bit of everything and is very economical. Simple, this city that once was one of the scariest places you could visit it has blossomed into a retirement paradise. Medellin is economical, it has the most amazing weather, and it has one of the most amazing transportation systems on this side of the world. It is also one of the cleanest cities, the metro system, besides being one of the best is also one of the cleanest if not the cleanest. Cultura Metro.
The food is also a good reason why Medellin is a paradise to retire, I once read that all the food here was fried, and that is not really true, in Colombia there is a very rich culinary world, the most predominant food is soup, want to know more about soups in Colombia? more soup types by region 

Maid services in Medellin

This is one of the coolest things you can do here. Hire help to do your housework since you can live here wealthy for pennies on the dollar, you can hire a maid service in Medellin no problem and very economical.

Retirement visa

I do have to be straight up with you regarding this subject…I have no clue. my situation is a bit different than most people’s, I was born in Toronto, but my parents are Colombian, therefore I have my cedula, and now the history of my cedula is quite fun, I can tell you all about it here.
I will whatsoever get all the information you need and links, we are planning on putting that service together for our overseas customers, (that’s you) We do understand that you need and deserve the best service, that is what we want to give you.

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The ultimate retirement guide in Medellin

To get the ultimate retirement guide of Medellin the only thing you have to do is ask for it, simple.
Retiring in Medellin is cheap and the weather is amazing, that itself is one very good reason to retire here. You are going to get all the information you need so you can make the most informed decision.
in this guide, you will get all the information you need.

  • visa information
  • cost of living
  • tax information
  • health services information
  • where to live
  • how to buy real estate
  • insurance services
  • restaurants
  • car insurance
  • how to buy a car
  • where to buy a car
  • cable services
  • cell phone services


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Retire early in Colombia, we tell you how

Retiring in Colombia is easier and cheaper than you think, and depending on how organized you are, you can retire early in Colombia. Because the cost of living in Colombia is so low, you can do wonders with 1k USD per month. Yes, is that simple, just 1K USD in Colombia is a good income to live a very comfy retirement. Now think about what you can do with 3K USD. I tell you here. So..let me tell want to live like the one 1% in Colombia with 30..4ok per year? if you can still make that money and do it from here you are set. Do you know how to do it?

Tips for living in Medellin

The best tip I can give you as a Canadian that’s been living here for the last 17 years…Uhm..stay off from the bad company, it’s that simple. Papaya is not papaya.
These are tips for living in Colombia not for coming here on holidays.  I want to make that clear.

  • Learn about all the areas before making a decision about where you’re going to go live. This is very important because your zone is where you are going to be making friends.
  • visit all the health service providers and learn where and with whom you can get the best service before signing any contracts.
  • learn the differences between SabanetaEnvigadoPobladoBelen, and all the other zones in Medellin, I would recommend you stay in all of them, I am sure you will be able to Airbnb all over the place.
  • If you are going to hire help, do it through a job agency. This will save headaches or possible headaches or for sure headaches, sorry.

If and when I think of more tips I will post them and let you know if you want.

Reasons Why Colombia Is A Favorite For Retirees

The main 4 reasons that I can think really fast are

  1. The weather (almost always perfect)
  2. The Cost of living – 70% cheaper
  3. Health services are amazing.
  4. Real estate is a bargain
  5. vegetables are fresh, and fruits are just as fresh
  6. new friends
  7. you can live like royalty for pennies on the dollar
  8. other stuff.

This couple retired in Colombia on…

A retired couple can easily be living in Colombia with 3k per month,  I am not kidding you. Let me explain why and I am also going to do all my calculations with the dollar way below what it is in the market.  as of today (Dic 18 – 2021), the price of the dollar is at $4046.80 cop, I am going to do all my explanations with the dollar a $3.000 pesos which is 25% off.
3K USD per for a couple to retire in Colombia is 9 Million pesos, if you are not planning on buying a property you can pretty much rent a really nice place for about 3 million, the food you can easily do overdoing it with food with 1.5 million, you still have 1/2 your money, with that other 4.5 million left (that in reality is much more) you can eat out, travel within the country and to close by towns, you can hire a maid or an assistant to help you with, the cable is like 40 bucks, cell services are also very economical, trust me. Even if you are going to buy a car. (those may be a bit more) but insurance is cheap, gas I think still very economic. Here you can truly live very well with very little money, it is very simple, a good meal at a good restaurant will cost you less than 30 bucks for 2 people in a very nice place.

How You Can Retire in Medellin Easily and Cheaply

This is a question many people ask, first, you have to be layback, that is very important, you must understand this is not the USA or Canada (Yes, all these posts are all dedicated to you north America) because we came from there and we know how we are.
I do strongly recommend you come and visit if you come here the first time you won´t be living any time soon I promise you. I do recommend you visit first so you can experience beforehand the many different options you have here, in the city, on the outskirts of the city. if you are staying in the must see what area you like best.
Also is very important you learn about the different prices per zone, it is very important you learn to differentiate all the diverse advantages each zone has to offer.

Why You Might Want To Consider Retiring In Medellin

We know, we know, there are so many different ways to ask the same question, so we have to find many different ways to answer these questions. so here it goes.
You may want to consider retiring in Medellin because your living cost will drop to the floor, that alone is an amazing reason to consider.
You may also want to contemplate moving to Medellin because the weather is amazing! the funny fact here is impossible to buy winter boots. haha, get it.
Want more reasons. Sure you do. 

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