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Best coffee shops in Medellin

I am someone who always likes to have coffee. So I can tell you a thing regarding the best coffee shops in Medellin., ah because coffee time is any time.

best coffees in Medellin

One of the best, if not the best, coffee chains in Medellin is Pergamino. The history of Pergamino is quite fun. We should take it to Pedro to give you an inside of this fantastic coffee shop.

I can vouch for a few fantastic places to have coffee in Medellin and around. My criteria for them are the following.

  • Price
  • Cups (yes, cups, I’m not too fond of disposable cups. I like ceramic)
  • Location
  • wifi (because this is a retirement site, we don’t need wifi)

So, I also go to a few other places to have coffee around Medellin, most of them in Sabaneta, and there you will be able to find some of the best coffee shops in Medellin, where coffee is coffee. 

You can enjoy a good conversation with the person beside you. Talk about whatever.

best coffee in medellin

If you are retired in Medellin, you got to go to Sabaneta for coffee. So many corners where you can sit for a coffee. True story. If you retire to Sabaneta, you can walk the main strip and have five coffees in just one good coffee shop.

  • Bombay. One of the oldest coffee shops in Sabaneta.
  • La Isla, where all the politicians go in the morning to gossip 
  • La Exquisita
  • El Viejo john (this is a huge restaurant, but their coffee is hmm, and if you grab one of the tables by the entrance, you get a good view of everyone walking by.
  • Central park has three cafeterias, very old, fantastic coffee, and lots of people walking by. I personally only walk by looking at the people that are sitting there.

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Drinking coffee in Medellin is lovely. I am one of those people who always drink coffee everywhere I go. I am one of those who always order my coffee in a traditional cup and not in a disposable cup. This is for two reasons, one, it tastes better, and the other is a small help to the environment.

To talk about coffee in Medellin is to put oneself in a 7-bar shirt. Now in Medellin, there are many excellent coffee shops in city. I am not exaggerating. We did not drink good coffee in the coffee shop with the best coffee in the world. In Medellin, it is very traditional to drink coffee de greca, a large device that I love, but those who know about coffee have pulled my ears because I like that coffee being a coffee drinker.

Now you can enjoy many places to drink coffee, one of my favorites, and if you take the tour, I will take you to it. It is Distrito en el Alto de las Palmas. This place is terrific. Another one of my favorites is Pergamino. This coffee is a beautiful place and has several locations in the city.

Alalma is another place that I love for its coffee and the bread they sell, and the breakfasts are exquisite.

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There is an infinity of cafes in Medellin to taste the richest coffees in the region. I would think the boom that the cafes in Medellín have had in the last ten years, it has been a pleasure to see it grow. It is no longer just that old-fashioned Greca coffee or the instant coffee like the one my mom gave me. No, now The coffees in Medellin are lovely experiences with various coffees, gourmet coffees, and unique plantations that grow exceptional crops. Coffees of different types than what we were or were used to in the past in one of the countries with the best coffee in the world that drank the worst coffee, now that is not the case. In Medellin, we already enjoy several small gourmet cafes while still having that classic cafeteria with greca coffee served in those traditional Colombian pocillos.

coffees in medellinNow, thanks to a handful of young people, perhaps children of coffee-growing families of yesteryear, they saw the extraordinary potential of Colombian coffee and began to do experiments and tests that have led to the emergence of thousands of coffee shops everywhere with coffee-loving baristas. In Sabaneta, for example, apart from those traditional cafes such as Bombay, La Isla, and others, a cafe is owned by a businessman named Zendaya. Sabaneta has two establishments, one of which was my favorite when I work at Sabaneta.