Best coffee shops in Medellin

This is an answer from someone that likes to have coffee all the time. so I can tell you a thing or two regarding the best coffee shops in Medellin., ah because coffee time is any time.

best coffees in Medellin

One of the best if not the best coffee chain in Medellin is Pergamino. The history of Pergamino is quite fun, we should be taking it to Pedro to give you an inside of this amazing coffee shop.

I can personally vouch for a few amazing places to have coffee in Medellin and around. My criteria for them are the following.

  • Price
  • Cups (yes, cups, I don’t like disposable cups. I like ceramic)
  • Location
  • wifi (because this is a retirement site, we don’t need wifi)

So, I also go to a few other places to have coffee around Medellin, most of them in Sabaneta, there you will be able to find some of the best coffee shops in Medellin, where coffee is coffee and you enjoy a good conversation with the person beside you just because. About whatever.

best coffee in medellinIf you are retired in Medellin you got to go to Sabaneta for the coffee, so many corners where you can just sit for a coffee. True story. if you retire to Sabaneta, you will be able to walk the main strip and have like 5 coffees in just having one per good coffee shop.



  • Bombay. This is one of the oldest coffee shops in Sabaneta.
  • La Isla
  • La Exquisita
  • el Viejo john (this is a huge restaurant, but their coffee is just hmm and if you grab one of the tables by the entrance, you get a good view of everyone walking by
  • Main park, here there are 3 cafeterias, very old, amazing coffee, lots of people walking by, I personally only walk by looking at the people that are sitting there.

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