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Best Retirement City in 2022

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true story
Your money here go really far.
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Medellín retirement
The Best Value For The Money in Real Estate, You are going to be amazed.
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health and insurance services
You will be surprised of the service, Even better..the prices.
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cheap city to retire

This website  I hope.  Will answer lots of questions relating with retiring abroad, retiring in Medellin.  A magazine if you may, to read and to share (please share this site with your friends). 

We are going to talk about all those things you need to know regarding retiring and moving to Medellin. you are going to learn what is like to retire in Medellin – Colombia. Yes!!

best places to retire in the world

To retire in Medellín. We are going to give you the best information possible about retiring not only in  Colombia but more in detail about what is like to retire in Medellin. Our goal is to give you all the answers.  Let us know if you have any questions regarding retiring in this amazing city.

We want to make it very clear. We are going to be very bias about Medellín, we are not going to talk about anything not related to retiring in this amazing city. Cheers.

Medellín one of best places to retire overseas.

There are many, many reasons to retire in Medellin, we are going to give you a lot of reasons to retire here, in this amazing city. It is actually quite hard to begin. So let’s get started.

Amazing weather all year long.

economic retirement cities
Medellin is the city of eternal spring weather. (ok, a bit hotter now) but better than  minus 20 plus wind any day.

Medellin has the amazing benefit of being close to everything. Only 20 mins from the city you will find what we call the second floor, which is a bit cooler. It’s an amazing zone, el Oriente Antioqueño, which is an amazing zone to retire also, we will talk more in detail later on.

Because of the amazing weather we enjoy. Oh I want to add a small parenthesis here and tell you…there are no mosquitos. (yes, I may sound like a liar,but you will be amazed) because of the amazing weather, you almost never need a winter jacket and if you do. It would be nothing more than a windbreaker.

There are many things we can tell you about Medellin and we may forget to include many things, so , we are here to answer any questions you may have

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Insurance in Colombia

This is actually a subject we will be talking about in lots of details. Heads very economical, is very good and like anything else you will find the good and the bad service. So, I really recommend you get a good broker, a good broker, will be able to tell you what you need to know, and be there when you really need them (lets hope you don’t) read good comments about it, and also some bad comments which I think is very normal, but one thing I can assure you is: The insurance in Colombia is economical and the services are good.

Best insurance service for expats in Colombia

Straight up, i don’t make money for saying this. but the best health insurance service in colombia is from SURA, plain and simple. Do your research. Ask google, if you don’t believe me..simple..ask google. checked google, and now  you know that SURA is the best insurance and health provider in Colombia, let me tell you this.  I have personally use them, my parents used it, my ex-wife, they are they best insurance company in Colombia.  They are part of GEA which is a huge industrial conglomerate in Colombia, they are the best manage publicly owned company in the country. Their portfolio is ample, that from the economic side, from the service side SURA is a health provider, the best in the country, their services are top to nun, they also employ the best professionals in all fields in medicine, their specialist are some of the best in the country. Here we talk about insurance in Colombia

How to get insurance in Colombia

There are several insurance companies in colombia, there are a lot of health insurance brokers, but is very important that you do your homework. I personally think that the big difference is their companion at a time when a claim has to be made.

Brokers will all give you different options. Do your research, at the end you are going to find out the best company is SURA. The key, the secret to get the right insurance, is to get the right broker, who will give you the best advice and coverage.  I think is the more important part is to be there for you whenever you are in need, answering the phone when you need them to answer the phone. Responding to your questions with clarity.

Do you want the best service?  I think you do.  Contact us for the best service.

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Health services in Colombia

This is an area where Colombia shines, Medellin super shines.  If you retire in here you will be able to experience first hand top services. Services from a simple dental job to the most complex surgery, 9 of the best 40 hospitals in Latam are located in Medellín, that alone should give you peace of mind.

best places to retire 2020Both private and public services are top notch, you will be able to get that nose job you always wanted, you can actually afford that dental job you wanted and your insurance in the states or canada did not cover, here besides that the health services are good, if you get the right insurance coverage, all those services that are extras in your country and are only cover by…we can tell you that one of best places to retire overseas for affordable and efficient health care is in fact Medellin. one of the top ranked sites in the world tells us that Medellin is in almost the top 20 for both affordability and cost. 

Living cost in Medellin

cheapest places to retire
We all know that changes that happen in our income when we retire, they go down. simple, the vast majority of pensioners will retire very little money and the average pension per retiree in north america is $1.700 usd, that in north america will make things very hard. That is not the case in Colombia, that is not the case in Medellin, here that money will go very, very far.

The cost of living in Medellin is very economical, and the best thing is that is very economical in high end places, that will make your lifelong dream of living wealthy very easy and with practically no money. (sorry i know is blunt)

A good apartment in a very good neighbour for example can be found for about 700 dollars usd. and that my friends is not a lie. Mind you, people will try to rip you off. Yes, that is true, there is a term among expats “gringo pricing” that is when you get charged more that what you should get charge. That happens, it is true, but is that something we will guide you through in our site.

In general the cost of living in Medellin is about 70% cheaper all the way around.

Real Estate in Medellin

best places to retireYes, in reality this is what this site is all about (we do want to sell you real estate )  but before we actually try to sell you a property in Medellin, we want you to understand all that is involved with living in Medellín.

Regarding real estate, we can tell you that Medellin is a place where you will be able to buy the property of your dreams for pennies on the dollar that is very simple. Buying a property in Medellin is very easy, there are steps you must follow like in any other country, but is not hard at all, we will give you more information regarding the process in buying a property and where you can look for properties, what expenses you will be expected to pay for closing a deal an so on.
We will also show you and teach you about the zones in Medellin, we will talk and do comparisons regarding this zones, we will show you and teach all you need to know to make the best choice. Sorry no you can not get credit to buy here as a foreigner with a local bank. Also notice that besides apartments all over the city, there also Lots and Cottages what in Medellin is called casas campestres

Dating in Medellin 

True be told, i suck at dating so i suck at giving dating advice here in medellin, the one thing that i can tell you for sure, because i read about it all the time. Guys, stay off hookers, be careful in Tinder, be very careful, i cannot stress this enough, if you look for trouble, here in Medellin you are very likely to find it very easy. (do notice) i am not talking about all you ladies that come to Medellin because you are not looking for the same things.

Now, yes is very easy to fall in love with someone in Medellin, just be carefull. Please.

Taxes in Colombia

I am going to be straight up with you and tell you that i have no clue about this subject, but also i want to tell you that the information that is require for you to retire here, we will be publishing in our blog very soon, what i can tell you is that IRS and la DIAN do cross information, so it is best to be well informed about your options, we will have more information regarding all this very soon.

Nursing homes in Colombia for Retirees 

There are a few nursing home companies in Colombia, to tell you the true, that is one of my dream business, to have an eco retirement villa, ok..sorry, enough about me. Yes, there is an offer of this kind of services in Colombia, in Medellin i seen a few, and there are a couple of them that i know that are super premium and for colombian standards is a very high. The ones i know about are habitad and fizebad seniors

Where to retire in Colombia

See, every post is an opportunity for me to be bias with Medellin, I am going to only sell you medellin as a retirement destination . Now, within colombia there are many cities that you can choose from. You will be able to pic from many cities and within the cities you will be able to pick in the city differente zones, we are going to concentrate on Medellin for many reasons.

  1. we sell you medellin as a retirement destination
  2. we know medellin
  3. we know the services in medellin
  4. when someone focus on one area, there is better service on that area, simple.

Please do not hate us for telling information about only Medellin.

One of the best walkable cities to retire 2021

Medellin is a valley, it’s all surrounded by mountains, now a days the sides of the hills have had a considerable development, making the lower part of the city a very walkable green city. Areas like Laureles in Medellin are 100% walkable, there is a zone in Medellin i call the “Money Belt”, that is all that zone between Avenida Las Vegas and Avenida el Poblado, the area runs from Ciudad del Rio all the way to Sabaneta, this area is amazing because is in the lower part of the city, it runs along the metro, so there all the metro stations are along this corredor.

Why is medellin a paradise to retire

Many people lately are saying that Medellin is a paradise to retire, but why is that ? we think we have the answer. It has a bit of everything and is very economical. Simple, this city that once was one of the scariest places you could visit it has blossom into retirement paradise. Medellin is economical, it has the most amazing weather, it has one of the most amazing transportation systems in this side of the world. It also one of the cleanest cities, the metro system, besides been one of the best is also one of the cleanest if not the cleanest. Cultura Metro.

The food is also a good reason why Medellin is a paradise to retire, i once read that all the food here was fried, and that is not really true, in Colombia there is very rich culinary world, the most predominant food is soup, want to know more about soups in colombia? more soup types by region 

Maid services in Medellin

This is one of the coolest things you can do here. Hire help to do your housework, since you can live here wealthy for pennies on the dollar, you can you can hire a maid service in Medellin no problem and very economical.

Retirement visa

I do have to be straight up with you regarding this subject…i have no clue. my situation is a bit different than most people, I was borned in Toronto, but my parents are colombian, there for i have my cedula, now the history of my cedula is quite fun, i can tell you all about it here.

I will whatsoever will get all the information you need and links, we are planning on putting that service together for our overseas customers, (that’s you) We do understand that you need and deserve the best service, that is what we want to give you.

bringing your pet to colombiaBringing your pet to colombia

Its possible, rules are always changing, I have not done it myself, but i do have 3 dogs here that we love very much. But it can be done no problem

The ultimate retirement guide in medellin

To get the ultimate retirement guide of medellin the only thing you have to do is ask for it, simple.

Retiring in Medellin is cheap and the weather is amazing, that it self is one very good reason to retire here. You are going to get all the information you need so you can make the most informed decision.

in this guide you will get all the information you need.

  • visa information
  • cost of living
  • tax information
  • health services information
  • where to live
  • how to buy real estate
  • insurance services
  • restaurants
  • car insurance
  • how to buy a car
  • where to buy a car
  • cable services
  • cell phone services

This is a free guide here.

Retire early in Colombia, we tell you how

city view retirement community retirementRetiring in Colombia is easier and cheaper than you think, and depending on how organized you are, you can retire early in Colombia. Because of the cost of living in Colombia is so low, you can do wonders with 1.k usd per month. Yes, is that simple, just 1K usd in Colombia is a good income to live a very comfy retirement. Now think about what you can do with 3K usd. I tell you here. So..let me tell want to live like the one 1% in Colombia with 30..4ok per year? if you can still make that money and do it from here you are set. Do you know how to do it?

Tips for living in medellin

The best tip i can give you as Canadian thats been living here for the last 17 years…uhm..stay off from bad company, it’s that simple. Papaya is not papaya.

This are tips for living in Colombia not for coming here on holidays.  I want to make that clear.

  • Learn about all the areas before making a decision where you’re going go live. This is very important because your zone is where you are going to be making friends.
  • visit all the health service providers and learn where and with whom you can get the best service before signing any contracts.
  • learn the differences between Sabaneta, Envigado, Poblado, Belen, and all the other zones in Medellin, i would recommend you stay in all of them, i am sure you will be able to airbnb all over the place.
  • If you are going to hire help, do it through a job agency. This will save headaches or possible headaches or for sure headaches, sorry.

If and when i think of more tips I will post them and let you know if you want.

Reasons Why Colombia Is A Favorite For Retirees

The main 4 reasons that i can think really fast are

  1. The weather (almost always perfect)
  2. The Cost of living – 70% cheaper
  3. Health services are amazing.
  4. Real estate is a bargain
  5. vegetables are fresh, and fruits are just as fresh
  6. new friends
  7. you can live like royalty for pennies on the dollar
  8. other stuff.

The 4 Best Expat Neighborhoods In Medellin, Colombia

best places to retire overseas

This is actually very easy for me to answer, it is. The expat community has a 2 favorites, they are El Poblado and Laureles, with Envigado and Sabaneta following the list. Each of them has a completely different feeling.

  1. Laureles for example is an area in the lower part of Medellin, in the hearth of the city with beautiful streets full of trees and restaurants, this zone is easy to walk or to ride a bicycle to move about it, you can easily ride a bicycle to ciudad del rio, or parque del poblado if you want it.
  2. Envigado is enchanting. this municipality has a very interesting history. The lower part by the Rio Medellin mixes industrial, commercial and living spaces in a perfect blend. La Avenida Las Vegas moves slowly in Envigado, the trees that grow in this stretch of the avenue give the slow car drivers shade and also fruits like mangos, nisperos and grosellas. Envigado has one of the biggest if not the biggest mall in Colombia, it also has many schools, and all the services, you will also have many things to do in envigado no doubt.
  3. Poblado. The gringos love poblado, it has all the services you want, Gyms, Restaurants, Lawyer services, Bars and everything else you can think off.

This couple retired in Colombia on…

A retired couple can easily be living in colombia with 3k per month,  I am not kidding you. Let me explain why and i am also going to do all my calculations with the dollar way below what it is in the market.  as of today (Dic 18 – 2021) the price of the dollar is at $4046.80 cop, i am going to do all my explanations with the dollar a $3.000 pesos that is 25% off.

3K usd per for a couple to retire in Colombia is 9 Million pesos, if you are not planning on buying a property you can pretty much rent a really nice place for about 3 million, food you can easily do overdoing it with food with 1.5 million, you still have 1/2 your money, with that other 4.5 million left (that in reality is much more) you can eat out, travel within the country and to close by towns, you can hire a maid or an assistant to help you with, cable is like 40 bucks, cell services are also very economical, trust me. Even if you are going to buy a car. (those may be abit more) but insurance is cheap, gas i think still very economic. Here you can truly live very well with very little money, it is very simple, a good meal at a good restaurante will cost you less than 30 bucks for 2 people in a very nice place.

How You Can Retire in Medellin Easily and Cheaply

This is a question many people ask, first you have to be layback, that is very important, you must understand this is not the USA or Canada (Yes, all this post are all dedicated to you north america) because we came from there and we know how we are.

I do strongly recommend you come and visit, if you come here the first time you won´t be living any time soon i promise you. I do recommend you visit first so you can experience beforehand the many different options you have here, in the city, in the outskirts of the city. if you are staying in the must see what area you like best.

Also is very important you learn about the different prices per zone, it is very important you learn to differentiate all the diverse advantages each zone have to offer.


Why You Might Want To Consider Retiring In Medellin

We know, we know, there are so many different ways to ask the same question, so we have to find many different ways to answer this questions. so here it goes.

You may want to consider retiring in medellin because your living cost will drop to the floor, that alone is an amazing reason to consider.

You may also want to contemplate moving to Medellin because the weather is amazing! funny fact, here is impossible to buy winter boots. haha, get it.

Want more reasons, i know you do, so read this post.

Cost of Living in Medellin

The cost of living in Medellin it’s surprisingly very cheap, it’s a very vibrant city full of things to do where rent is less than 1k for a very amazing place, where internet services are good and economic, we have more in detail information regarding the cost of living in this link

Gringo price

gringo pricing

It’s very important we learn about this, why? simple, you don’t want to be taken advantage off, it pissis me off when that happens, here is more about it. 

Colombia: One of the best places to live when you retire

By the way that not me saying that, that is many many sites about retiring that are now talking and taking Medellin very seriously when it comes to retirement. Here we give you some reasons why it’s the new snowbird heaven (ohh did i forget to mention I am Canadian, like the commercial)

What are the best suburbs for retirement near Medellín

Medellin does not really have to many suburbs, Medellin has municipalities, like we have regions in Toronto, like the GTA, we have Area Metropolitana. Now outside the city you can find some very charming municipalities that are within the hour from the city. Here we will explore more in detail

Best place to retire on social security

Funny think you ask. I can tell you this first hand. My dad was living here in Medellin on just his social security and he was doing it very comfortable. Mind you my dad (this is a very long long story)…anyway.

The most important part of this question is the answer, and the answer is yes. here more details

Credit for Expats living in Colombia.

This is a very simple question with a very simple answer. It’s not possible initially and more information. Why is not possible? (i think is very stupid, all the rules about loans here)

how to bring a car to colombiaBringing a vehicle to Colombia

It’s possible, it’s not really that expensive if you put all the numbers together. I do recommend you get a professional to do it and to all the due diligence. here is some more info about it